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On April 1, 2005, Covington County Water Authority entered into an agreement with Covington Rural Services, Inc. (Covington Electric) for the purchase of two (2) public utility water systems, one in the Town of Carolina and one in the Town of Libertyville.  This added 500 customers. The Water Authority purchased 5.5 acres, an office building, and warehouse on March 26, 2010.  The property is located at 22420 Tracks Lane off Sanford Road in Andalusia, Alabama.  After making needed improvements, the Covington County Water Authority offices opened at the new location September 7, 2010. The Covington County Water Authority currently serves 4,190 customers throughout the county, maintaining six water wells and 730 miles of water mains.  We strive to provide a dependable and safe supply of water to all consumers.  Please help us protect our water resources, which are a vital part of our lives and our children’s future.